When you want to learn makeup, you need to choose the right academy. Whether you’re just starting out or want to get better at it, the right academy can help you a lot.. Here are the top three makeup academies near me offering comprehensive courses. You’ll get to do makeup on real people and get feedback from instructors. This will help you become a pro makeup artist.

Finding the right makeup academy is super important!

  1. SS Bollywood Makeup & Acting School Delhi NCR

SS Bollywood Makeup School is the best makeup academy in Delhi. Affiliated with NSDC Govt. Based out of India, this academy has a variety of courses starting from basic to advanced. No matter what your skill level is, you will always find a program that is suitable for you.

The curriculum incorporates both theoretical and practical training. Also they provide training in everything from bridal make-up to professional nail art.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Courses: They offer basic, as well as extensive makeup techniques.
Professional Trainers: Experienced Instructors worked with top industry professionals.
Hands On Training: Practical sessions that provide real-world experience.
Government Affiliation: Institute is being recognized by NSDC and assuring quality education.

If you’re searching for the best makeup academy in Delhi, SS Bollywood Makeup School is at the top of your list. Location: Delhi & Noida.

2. Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist & Academy

Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist & Academy is a great place for makeup artists. It’s in Delhi and Noida, so it’s easy to get there. They can help you improve your skills and become a great makeup artist.

The Academy is famous for teaching beauty in a way that’s just right for each student. They offer many different courses that fit different levels of skill and interests. When you join  this academy, you’ll learn a lot about makeup. This will help you become a great makeup artist.. Also they provide them with the tools needed for a successful career in the beauty field.

Key Features:

Tailored Curriculum – Courses designed to meet the individual needs of students. Additionally, they cover everything from basic to advanced makeup techniques.
Celebrity Trainer – Learn from the No. 1 Makeup Artist, Shweta Gaur who is a renowned name and has 13+ years of industry experience.
Hand-On Experience – Practical sessions that allow our students to know different makeup styles.
Professional Development – You’ll learn how to make a portfolio of your best work. This will help you show off your skills to others. You’ll also learn how to brand yourself as a makeup artist. Also they help build your career in the beauty industry.

Are you looking for a makeup artist academy near me? 
Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist & Academy is a great option. They will help you learn. Location: Delhi and Noida

3. VLCC Institute

VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition in Noida is also one of the best institutes for students. The students who aim to become makeup artists in the future can opt for the VLCC institute. This Academy is unique because it teaches you about beauty and how to take care of the body. They have special courses that cover many different things. The comprehensive courses are created considering different aspects. Also ensuring that students have the necessary resources to succeed in the industry. Their make-up courses are also widely popular, offering both theory and practical experience.

Key Features: makeup one-on-one and give you expert advice to make you a great makeup artist.
Diverse Course Offerings: Offering a diverse variety of makeup artistry, skincare and nutrition
Experienced Faculty: Instructors with extensive industry experience.
Facilities: Contemporary Tools, and training resources.

Aspiring professionals have the option of enrolling in VLCC Institute. We are the one such makeup academy in Noida that offers a comprehensive course. Additionally, they impart knowledge through theory as well as practical demonstrations. Location: Noida

Choosing the right makeup academy to become a professional makeup artist is very crucial. The possibilities mentioned above are among the greatest options. So, if you’re seeking a respected makeup artist academy, these options are best. Also, they are the best makeup academy in Delhi & Noida.

Are you looking for a well-known makeup academy?

So, if you’re looking for a top-notch makeup academy in Delhi & Noida, the list provided is a great choice. They’re the best makeup school and can teach you the skills you need to become a great makeup artist. Real-world experience offered in these academies to help students to become professional. Moreover, knowledgeable teachers help their students to excel in the beauty business. Enroll in one of these prestigious academies as an investment in your future. Take a step towards a fulfilling career as a makeup artist.